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Will Smartwatches Spell The Death Of Mechanical Watches?

Smart watches have been described as a lot of things in the past year or so, but they represent the intersection of three subjects, some of which have become extremely annoying: watches, products and marketing. I am accused of guilty: a passionate collector of mechanical watches, a small monster, (you will find) marketing expert. Since I bought an apple watch a few months ago, I don’t want to wear my watch. I used to be a very infatuated object. I now use them as a jewelry, and I’m not a jewel. Randy BRANDOFF, chief executive officer of the luxury watch member company of eleven shares of James, three geekdoms, but on the other side of the spectrum: he likes technology, but not necessarily on his wrist. Over the next few years will decide whether to replace the mechanical watch watches as the standard – so that the size of the enterprise’s path. This is one side of the argument.

Marc E. Babej : We all agree that this is due to the most important innovation of quartz watches watches watches. In my opinion, even in a century ago the arrival of watches. The main function of the mechanical watch, tell time, is almost a SmartWatch in many new features to weaken. I do not see how, in the long run, mechanical watches can maintain its dominant position in the face of such a practical program.

Randy Brandoff : You don’t have to have a watch to tell time. You have a smart phone, a computer, and so on. But at the same time, the mechanical watch market has grown by 29 over the past 30 years. It remains an open question if people want to increase their function on their wrists, or on their phones, or in another form.