Cartier Tank Anglaise Replica Watches Hands-On

And Cartier spent a very interesting dinner, where the “tank” the name of the origin of a few minutes to discuss. “Tank” is the name for many Cartier Replica Watches, but the record shows that no one has determined where the name comes from. Most people agree that it actually means a military tank. Mechanized war is an exciting reality, creating a name for luxury luxury watches.

How does the tank look like a tank? Hard to say yes. Some people say that the shape of the Cheap Replica Watches is said to look like a tank. Others say the watch should look like the tank’s footsteps. Others say that this shape is better than the French way to honor the American tanks, which helps to win in the First World War. There are some people who think tanks are designed to honor tanks in the United States or France. It’s a fascinating little mystery and one that I like because it shows even modest start with the great brand of Cartier.

No matter where the name of the tank comes from, it is here, and is the cornerstone of Cartier Replica Watches production. For 2012, the tank family got a new member with the tank Anglaise, “British Tank”. The construction of this grandfather is like a tank – at least in this bigger size we fool the man. Initially only 18k white gold, it is a strong reminder that elegance does not have to be punished. There are smaller versions available. This “large” tank tank is 36.2 mm wide and 47 mm high. This is not too thick at 9.82 millimeters. For the tank throne, Cartier Tank Anglaise Replica Watches in the tank between France and Balenbulu established a mixture. do you understand? The sides of the box are round, making them feel thicker, and the crown is placed in the middle of a very thick bezel. This provides a synchronized appearance on both sides of the watch. The complex crown is cool and contains a large sapphire crystal round. I like the crown is not too small, combined with angle and organic design elements.

In the wrist, this situation is very comfortable, as always, bracelets in architecture and design in a leading position. Thank you Cartier Do not let the bracelet fall on the side of the road, like many other brands, just put the belt on the watch. Dial design is not surprising, almost no put down. It provides the Cartier Tank Replica Watches lovers want to look like. Cartier Cartier dial on the blue steel hand and some central decoration. This situation seems to be able to handle more than 30 meters of waterproof rating. A mixture of brushed and polished areas on the shell is very much a design.

The watch is Cartier manufacturing movement, automatic movement 1904 MC. This is the same movement I have reviewed here in the Cartier Replica Watches movement. It looks like Cartier designed it can be configured in several ways. In the tank of the tank, this is a simple three-handed and date. An ETA will work, but Cartier wants the tank throne to have more time. You can see the sport through the exhibition panel.

Although the design of the watch is almost not revolutionary, but it is of course evolution. It gives the tank fans a new desire to let Cheap Replica Watches continue by adding new products with the product series of hobbies. French, American and present English people have a Cartier tank designed to call themselves. For 2012, the tank Anglaise will only be available in 18k white gold. Oh, if this is your bag, it is also completely covered with diamonds. I think this should be a more mainstream model – and hope that after a few years will come out of the steel. I also think it will be a two-color mode that looks good.

Cartier Calibre Chronograph Replica Watches

Cartier released a new series of men’s watches called Caliber. For the brand, this is a very revolutionary reason, the Replica Watches men’s series into the twenty-first century. It is also a large-scale production of watches that contain an internal production of the Cartier movement – previously only exist in their most high-end works.

When I first discussed here, I knew the movement was a blow from the start. It is handsome, right size, and very much modern people want to be in Cartier. Models like Santos and Roadster have been very popular, but I think Cartier needs something a bit of sport and pizza. Since 2010, Cheap Replica Watches in 2011 increased the bracelet option, abandon the original design changes, 2012, there are chronograph. For a comprehensive review of the original Cartier watch, please refer to this article.

It is not difficult to predict, Cartier over the years will be based on the movement and function, based on the Caliber watch. In fact, Cartier Replica Watches case is also used in many high-end pieces. Although these models are different from the basic Caliber models, because their goals are very different price demographics. Cartier Caliber Chronograph is the second edition of the “mainstream luxury” Caliber watch series. The shell design with the original save the same, adding a chronograph putter .Cartier Replica inserted chronograph into the extended crown structure that looks very elegant. In fact, if you look at the three-port version of Caliber, you will notice that the area containing the chronograph pitcher now seems to have been designed from the start, and the promoter will eventually be there. This may actually be the case. Cheap Cartier Replica chronograph will use 42 mm wide steel or 18k pink gold case, from the beginning can provide bracelets or straps.

The details of the Calib chronograph are pretty good, and it is a good way to enjoy the small touch of Replica Watches China  offers a very good bracelet, sapphire crystal cabochon, and a better dial in a more sporty bag. I expect the next few years the movement chronograph will have a new color and change, but now these options are attractive. The chronograph is not a perfect design, but it’s very good. Cartier movement chronograph will debut in 2013 SIHH, then I can share with you practical experience.