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The Rotonde de Cartier Skeleton Mysterious Double Tourbillon Replica

When Cartier becomes larger, Cartier became larger. In recent years, renowned design companies have partnered with Carole Forestier-Kasapi to develop some of the most incredible Haute Horlogerie productions. Our watch here is a perfect illustration of the combination of Cartier’s tradition with a strong watchmaking knowledge. Rotonde de Cartier Skeleton Mysterious Double Tourbillon Replica really good, I have to say this is the first impression.

This Cartier Replica Watches is nothing special nuances. It is 45 mm in diameter and 12.4 mm thick, and the case is made of sturdy platinum. Blue steel hand and traditional blue sapphire convex in the crown to add a touch of color, otherwise it will become a beautiful monochrome watch. You will notice that there is no real dial – the hollow movement can also play this role. For good measure, the watch has a Geneva seal.

Of course the work here is internal. This is Calibrate 9465 MC and it’s a cool one. The perfect thing is gorgeous hollow, the outside is characterized by Cartier Replica Roman explosion exploded digital interpretation. At the center, you can also see most of the transmission at work. The movement has a 52-hour power reserve, composed of 286 parts, of which 26 are jewelry.

Six o’clock stars. This is the mysterious double tourbillon mechanism. The entire escapement not only rotates around the depth of motion openings once every five minutes, but also rotates once per minute. At the edge is a groove of the ring, further from the rest of the movement. It’s hard to tell in such static images, but I bet it is hypnosis. It is worth mentioning that this complex function was originally developed by Cartier Replica Watches in 2013, this is only the latest implementation.

Rotonde de Cartier Replica Annual Calendar

Cartier introduced the new Rotonde de Cartier Replica annual calendar with the new 9908 movement. All indications are set by the crown, 45 mm case with white gold or rose gold.

Calendar mechanism is included in the 1904 MC Caliber Cartier Replica Watches plate. The internal design of the movement includes a semi-instantaneous mechanism that converts a large date into two separate numbers, which requires less power and thus helps ensure maximum timing stability. In this system, four-branch star wheels corresponding to ten columns are rotated by jaws located on a large unit disk. The unit tray has a simple mechanism built into it, thanks to a camshaft bearing that mounts directly on the Cartier Replica lightening edge of the date unit’s month, making it possible to display the possibility of no errors for 31 days, the current month has been set.

From the aesthetic point of view, the upper part of the multi-layered dial is silver plated “sunshine effect” grille, black transfer Roman numerals, cartier replica watches swiss movement sword-shaped pointer wear blue steel. This volume-based arrangement of elements marks two concentric silver areas, the day of the week and the name of the month of the transfer. Sliding forward in these dimples, two “hammer-shaped” hands visible only at the red tip reveal the calendar information, which will be viewed through the replica cartier watches ebay double aperture at 12 o’clock for a large date display. Sapphire back cover allows viewing action.