Cartier Calibre Chronograph Replica Watches

Cartier released a new series of men’s watches called Caliber. For the brand, this is a very revolutionary reason, the Cartier men’s series into the twenty-first century. It is also a large-scale production of Cheap Replica Watches that contain an in-house made Cartier movement – previously only exist in their most high-end works.

It is not difficult to predict that Cartier over the years will be based on new models and features built on the Replica Watches. In fact, Calibre cases are also used in many high-end pieces. Although these models are different from the basic Caliber models because they are targeted at very different price demographics. This Cartier movement chronograph is the “mainstream luxury” Calibre watch series of the second version. Shell design and original to keep the same, an increase of chronograph fader.

Cartier Replica Watches pushed the chronograph into an extended crown-shaped structure that looked very elegant. In fact, if you look at the three-port version of Caliber, you will notice that the area now containing the chronograph pusher seems to have been designed from the outset where a pusher will eventually be there. Actually it might be. In 2012, Caliber chronograph will use 42mm wide steel or 18k pink gold case, from the beginning can provide bracelets or strap.

The chronograph will be a dual chronograph that can be measured for 12 hours. This means that the watch will not be able to run the second hand unless you have the chronograph function. The dial has been redesigned, combined with a small disc, and finally completely symmetrical. Cartier Replica Watches China also moves the tiny scale ring to the flange ring – the previously exposed area is just the brushed metal surface. This can change the appearance of the watch, but also make the dial look even larger. The dials are now able to have larger, more unique hour markers, and they are again in the form of half Roman numerals and semi-signings. You have the same type of decoration on the dial, but because of the symmetrical design, all feel more grounded. Cartier retains the “extended” date window, but moves it to 6 o’clock. All in all, I like the dial a lot, but once again feel the main means of Replica Watches design is a bit too short.

The details of the Caliber chronograph are pretty good and it is a great way to enjoy the Cartier better bracelet, sapphire crystal cabochon, and nice watch in a more sporty bag. I expect the next few years of movement chronograph will have new colors and changes, but now these options are quite attractive. Calib chronograph is not a perfect design, but it is very nice.

Cartier Calibre Diver Replica Watches

Ready to dive? If you have to ask me to Caltia watches, I want it to be something that can be collected at Caliber. If you have to ask me to ask Cartier Replica Watches, the budget is not a problem, that might be Caliber de Cartier Astrotourbillon. A few years ago, when the Caliber series was released, it would become the brand’s new flagship men’s model, in the case of round, but also to brand new internal movement features. Though without its quirks, I enjoyed it, collecting success.

The original movement then used the 2013 chronograph, and in 2014 Cheap Replica Watches will issue the movement diver. Here, I look forward to the 2014 GMT, and I was amazed at the diver. I do not complain about watching lovers like me to attract divers, each luxury brand should have one. The idea of ​​a luxury diver is not actually diving, more is that you can be utilitarian watch enthusiasts and obsessed with the fashion trend of close cooperation. So take part of Cartier Replica Watches and part of the dive watch, some of you have a perfect recipe.

We will see more movement divers on SIHH in 2014, but now we know that we are excited about the new watch. Like most diving watches, Calibre case is equipped with an external rotating diving watch ring. The bezel may be tilted inward, and we know the numbers are painted on Cartier Replica. Bezel material is not clear, but if it is ceramic, it will be better updated, the bezel may be steel, but will be DLC black coating. In addition to the slightly more bold auxiliary dial and additional ink, the dial design is very similar to the original three-handed Caliber, please note that the relatively high contrast color makes diving watch enthusiasts an important clear appearance.

The box is still 42 mm wide and now waterproof 300 meters. According to Cartier, it is still only 11 mm thick, which is good news for those who like the relatively thin sports watch. 300 meters is the movement chronograph more than 100 meters of water resistance, interesting is the three-port version of Caliber can only waterproof 30 meters. So if you take the sport seriously and want a Cheap Cartier Replica, that would be your best bet.

Cartier will be available in steel and 18k pink gold version of the movement diver. Not sure what all the strap options will be, but the texture rubber strap will be standard. In the Replica Watches, you will once again find Cartier internal manufacturing movement 1904MC automatic movement.