Reviewing the Gold Patek Philippe Replica Nautilus

Since I think I am a pureist, I like the versions of these Patek Philippe Replica because they were originally made, or at least they were made of stainless steel. The concept behind them is that they will be luxurious and sporty. In the past, the “sports” part of these brands may be a bit exaggerated, but let us admit that the above models are certainly more sporty than the classic series of most brands.

In any case, Cheap Patek Philippe Replica also used gold to the existing Nautilus series. When I first saw this piece of work, I shrugged and thought of myself, the stainless steel Nautilus Reference 5711 / 1A or 3700 / 1A was the model that young people liked. period. But after the appointment of Cheap Replica Watches Patek Philippe in Basel, I saw and tried to use the new nautilus gold, I was not sure.

New Nautilus is a stunning watch in gold; even like a pale wrist like me, I think I can get rid of it. And I often try the stainless steel version feel relaxed, the gold version has a greater presence. The weight of gold will not let you forget the things on the wrist. In addition to weight, there is also because of the warmth of gold. As the case and bracelet is very obvious performance, this watch will never look very sticky or gorgeous.
Cheap Patek Philippe Replica Nautilus is not new. In fact, the first nautilus reference was also made of gold in the late 1970s. Later Nautilus models can also use gold, but never refer to 5711 / 1A. Patek Philippe decided to use rose gold as a case and bracelet instead of a blue / green dial stainless steel version, for the selection of warm chocolate brown for the dial.

In fact, it makes me wonder that the gold nautilus 5711 / 1A is something that the purists can get rid of. In addition to the fact that a primitive 1970s 3700 / 1A gold, you can debate whether the existing 5711 / 1A is not far from the original 3700 / 1A series of purists. Perspective of the reply, the second hand, and the event is not a single shoe that has made 5711 / 1A a modern interpretation of the original 3700 / 1A.

The best solution may be the original Patek Philippe Replica Replica Watches with stainless steel and the Nautilus 5711 / 1A in rose gold as a modern alternative. Look at how I am looking for an excuse to have? The truth is told that I generally warm the gold watch and think that Patek Philippe Nautilus 5711 / 1A is a good example of how a gold “sports” watch can taste.Cheap Replica Watches completed the work. Congratulations to my Genta may always be eager for the mint condition in stainless steel 3700 / 1A, but the rose gold on my wrist 5711 / 1A will make this hunting more patient.

Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica Watches

In the 70’s of last century, Patek Philippe Replica is looking for its next big design: look, not only to maintain the tradition of excellence in brand is well known, but it also presents a new contemporary design level for the clock world. With this in mind, Patek Philippe Replica watches turned to Genta, famous designers has come up with the universe a polerouter (VE and Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Replica Watches, the implementation of the new concept.
1976, the ship’s-porthole-inspired Patek Philippe Replica Watches Nautilus (Ref. 3700 / 1, the same below) was released to the general market. This Replica Watch, the twenty thousand League of Jules Verne’s novel in the seabed named the watch, quickly proved a blow to the criticism and consumers. Again, Genta’s magic as a watch designer to prove, and the world recognized another luxury steel sports watches become mainstream.
Today, the modern Nautilus is 5711 / 1 – 010. This watch kept many of the original Nautilus design specifications, including platinum applied hour markers, horizontal lines of black blue dial, date display, and a integrated stainless steel bracelet. The watch is about 43 mm in diameter, with an automatic diameter of 324 mm, and has a relatively high water resistance of 120 meters. A number of other functions, is the second in a bulletin, sapphire and transparent bottom cover, and the circular octagonal shaped baffle wide on both sides of the “ears”. This work is about $28000.
About Patek Philippe Nautilus Replica Watches series of cool things, each watch is so distinctive “nautilus”. Although the reference 5711 / 1A with a variety of methods with 3700 / 1, the film is not very good to keep its legacy did not deviate too far. And Nautilus has been a relatively large piece, a modern version of the drama, and increased, size from 42 mm to 43 mm than the men. Black blue dial color, rather than pure black to better represent the root of the film’s water, and the second counter is a very useful addition to the modern Replica Watches, the lack of retro reference. I said that in the past, I think the sapphire casebacks is great, although this watch no longer use the history of the C 28-255 automatic movement (based on Jaeger Le Coulter’s caliber 920), the sport’s point of view adds a little something special to help prove the overall cost of the work.
Although this is a more than 3700 / 1 and 5711 / 1A very different Replica Watches, it is still a pretty good job to keep Nautilus heritage. The series has been known to be bold, so although this watch certainly has many differences from its precursor, it is not in the design of its design. Circular octagonal, baffle “ears,” steel bracelet, and level of relief dial, Nautilus unique traits were existed; watch and then further differences associated with various complications, and (possibly is a homage to the original Nautilus?) Black dial instead of contemporary black. Although I think dial a bit crowded, and black and white color scheme can make it very hard to read. This is evident in the watch is a real Nautilus, along the lines of their progenitor Mr. long.
In general, modern Patek Philippe Replica Watches with its spiral parrot not Vintage inspiration. Whether it is the 5711 / 1A and travel time to stick to the original series initially special, because it is still able to maintain a strong variety of Replica Watches enthusiasts. As far as I am concerned, I am not the biggest fan of the contemporary watch, if I had to choose a luxury sports watch, I would use the smaller the classic model (reference 3800 and 1A) or the classic Audemars Pigeut Royal Oak, but I understand why people like it. Nautilus is an icon of Genta design peak and luxury Menswear, these two functions, is what makes it really become a classic.